August Fifteenth NYC

The City

soggy with joy

hailed my return by halting everyone

at JFK


Better than a ticker-tape parade

I got

a two hour wash-and-wait on the tarmac

a hundred feet short of Gate 8


Then, I got

The City

gussied up wet at sunset


The shiny grit of Manhattan

pierced, dark, covered


After all, she’s an island in a squall


Wet leather Gothic


New York in late summer

is a woman just the other side of full flower

the moist ache of passing rain

that used to pound and bounce.

In August

the wet parts roll off

too-heavy petals

gathering speed

to Fall

in the City







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Claire Baiz is a columnist for Signature Montana, a featured editorial writer for The Great Falls Tribune, and a regular contributor to the Folio award winning jeweler’s trade magazine InStore. Claire has written for niche and trade magazines, both online and in print. Contact Claire via e-mail at
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