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There’s a mystique about Montana, from the Sun Dance ritual to Montana Freemen–we celebrate diversity. In good years, a river runs through it. In tough years, federal farm subsidies flow instead.

Take Montana to Manhattan…and meet the Naked Cowboy

(Courtesy of  the Great Falls Tribune) The day before he was a guest on The David Letterman Show, Brian Schweitzer competed for attention with a perennial entertainer in the heart of Times Square: the Naked Cowboy. Schweitzer is not a regular … Continue reading

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The Town Crier in Pain: The Great Falls Tribune at 125

The slow decline of the paper is akin to watching a loved one suffer. I remember my father losing all that weight before he passed away. The paper, though occasionally bloated with ads, is starved for content that resonates with me. In an odd parallel, I began to see the same person dying two or three times on the obituary page (Printing errors? Editorial issues? Paddles?) Sometimes in a senior moment of my own, I’d think “Do I know that guy? His name is familiar.”Then I’d realize I read the same obituary a day or two before.

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Flashback: Great Falls an Ugly Stepsister in Search of Ready Persona

Butte is the plucky little sister — the kid who takes a black eye in stride (just look at the pit). Butte just picks itself up, wipes its eye with a well-worn sleeve, and claims it can take what the world dishes out…Great Falls is the ugly stepsister… Continue reading

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